lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014

My first Haul: Ebay and More!

Hello everyone its been a while!. Uni is starting next week so I took this opportunity to write about my biggest passion right now, ONLINE SHOPPING! I love online shopping is tax free, you get international stuff and you don't have to deal with store's drama. Anyway I've been bad lately and I have bought a lot! #sorrynotsorry. I wanna write an entry about good online shops and good buyers in the future, that would be fun! I have received some of the things I have bought but not all has arrived yet. Enjoy :)

Here is a group photo for you! :D

My beauty Diary Oil Control Soothing Sheet Mask 
I wanna say this my favorite sheet mask that I have ever tried. It was my first time trying the brand too. I will do a full review of this product in the future. I personally don't like sheet masks because there way to moisturizing for my skin, but this one is formulated for oily skin so its perfect for me, my skin really like it. I really recommend it for oily skin.

Aritium Full Cover Concealer 

My sister bought this one for me when she was studying in South Korea. So far it covered a lot, but I have too give it more time for a full review, since I have not tried this more than one.

Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil

This was a huge package, which I was really happy about because it cost me $15!. I have not tried this yet though. I bought this because it was recommended to me, and its meant to be really good for removing stubborn mascara, like the one I'm currently using from Majolica Majorca.

 Cathy Doll 4 in one Cleanser
I have not tried anything from this brand before, but OMG! its amazing, I love how I put this on and I dont have to worry about it trough out the day. Its perfect for lazy girls like me and it was really affordable too. I will be doing full reviews about every beauty item I got in the future.

Floppy Hat
 It was not in the picture because it didn't fit, but this is my new BFF basically, when I'm lazy I just trow this on and I'm ready to go! its perfect and it cost me $8!!!

Bunny Ear Beanie 

Its so soft, cute and perfect. That's it! just buy it please, thank you. Its super cheap too.

Cat Ear Derby Bowler Cap 

This is perfect! lol

Sailor Uniform
I wanted this for soo long! its so soft as well! :D

Perfect Peter Pan Collar Sweater 

Peter Pan Collar Blouse 
It looks very elegant but its not the best material and its very see trough, but I was able to rock this out for dinner with some friends! got some compliments as well.

Sailor Styled Long Shirt 

Not in the group picture but I love this one, fast shipping and its super nice quality too, Very affordable ($12) and cute :)

And thats the end of this haul, defo not the last one though :) I hope you enjoyed it :)

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