lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

Its good to be back :)

Hi guys I'm Jana, it feels like forever since I last wrote in here!, I've been wanting to continue writing in my blog but I was super busy with everything. I started this blog when I was 16! Since then everything change I'm super ready to get back and continue my fun hobby! I have change interests I'm 19 now and I recently graduated from High School! I love Korean fashion, make up, beauty, food, country, culture etc. I notice a lot of people love the same things as me so I will be sharing my thoughts and reviewing things I've tried and enjoyed. Hope you have fun

Prom!! I love my dress, in my school there so much pressure to find the perfect dress (girls are hard on you), I was super nervous but luckily everyone loved it! The picture doesn't do justice, it was super pretty I had to gain weight to fit the dress so I quit the gym, That night was my Cinderella moment!  :D

This is the graduation outfit, Never wear crop-tops, but this so classy in my opinion :)
I love this Grad Picture! :)

 So glad to be out of school! :D

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