viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

Last Naked 2 Palette Look

Look 3: And the last one:(
But this is my fav!!

 So waht I did was that I put Suspect in the lid and Snakebite in the corner and I blend it out with Busted also put it in my crease so it looks more dramatic! and I used Foxy as a highlight! I like it because is a Brown look and its my fav color.
I hope you like the looks, and look! Its friday!!! Woohooo
Have a nice weekend and I will see you all next time!
Love and rockets...Jana xx :D

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Look 2: This look was inspired by...

My skin color is really pigmented soo this look was very hard, but this is how I adapted...
BootyCall in the lid and busted in the corner. And on top I used YDK. For liner I used BeautiControl Brow kit in Black.Mascara my BeautiControl prime and mascara in Black.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Looks

Looks with the Naked 2 palette... Im soo exited, I hope you like them all :)

Look 1:

I used Verve as the color for the lid. Then I put Pistol in the outer conner and I blend them together. and I put on top of them Tease. And this was the result!This is what I use everyday on my eyes.

lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012


Hi guys!! I just noticed that my last blog had alot of errors!! Sorry about that! Tomorow I have school and I'm not looking forward to that ! Boo. Anyway yesterday I want to Sephora and I bought with my friend Elisa the Naked 2 palette :) Super happy about that, so you will see looks I've done with it :)

Thats a little update for you have a nice day and see you tomorow!! :)

 Having fun with Elisa! :DD

jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

OOTD: Long Time No See

 Hello!! I'm  sorry I haven't post in a while I've been super busy and I just forget that I have I blog!! LOL
But I figure this would be a good post so here it goes :)

In my country, we have fairs every year, its like  London have festivals, we have fairs. So I went with my two sisters and some very crazy friends, had the best time there it was reallyyy fun :) I hate rides but that day I was adventurous :D

Jacket: Charlotte Russe $38
Top: Forever 21 $16
Jeans: 5,7,9 shop $10
Shoes: Converse $60

Guess what tomorrow Its gonna be Friday!!! XOXO

My sister Jazz and I in The Fair, Puerto Rico

sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

Random Post! :/

Hi guys! my friend and I went to Mango and I spot an awesome trench-coat!!
Love it, also is very hard for me to get jackets because I'm a very petite woman and they just don't fit!!

Jacket: Mango $40
Shirt: Forever 21 (cant remember price)
pants: made them myself
shoes: Crocs $50

Hope you guys get jackets like this one, its great having one of them in your closet! But not in a tropical island :)

OOTD: Girly Casual!

Fashion wise this is something I would wear almost everyday!
For me this outfit is casual, I love wearing cardigans and floral skirts together, I pair this two with this awesome tank top. Comfort first right?
I Love it!!

Cardi: Loft $41
Top: Forever 21 $4
Skirt: forever 21 $6
Shoes: Crocs $50

hope you enjoy and please follow me!! :DD

This me and my sister Roxy  in Betel, Puerto Rico
The most peaceful place in the island! :) OMG! she and I wore almost the same thing! :)

jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

Girl Crush: Alexa Chung

If I could describe my style I'll say its classic, young, girl and preppy . I like solid colors nothing crazy, I just wear brown, cream, gray, black and white :)

Alexa Chung its one of my favorite celebrities, I feel like I love everything she wears!!

This is me, I found this outfit pretty funny because I found Alexa's picture the same day I wore something pretty similar to her outfit. See for yourself :D

I love her style in general, and her personality!

Dress: Charlotte Russe $20
Cardigan: Loft $41
Jewelry: Forever 21 $1.50 Each

Ps: Excuse my crappy look, I was not having the best skin day :(
lol... Also puberty hit me hard LMAO

miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

Hello there!!

Hi, Im Jana Quiñones and I'm from San Juan, Puerto Rico.This is my blog is about Fashion and Make Up that are affordable for everyone!! enjoy