viernes, 10 de octubre de 2014

Girl Problems: PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome)

Hello There! I noticed my last post was a bit more serious than what I usually write, so I wanted to write something a little more lightweight, well hopefully. 
                             Pms= pissed at men syndrome @brittxbubblez
                                 PMS! pissed at men syndrome 

PMS is something we all girls go through, unfortunately. PMS should stand for Prepare to Meet Satan haha,  being a girl is hard. We have so much to deal with emotionally and physically. I'm on that time of the month, so I thought it would only be fair to talk about something that might be a taboo in some cultures. Fist things first, PMS is not your period, think of it as something before it really happens. Your brain will send hormones through out you body when your PMSing, that's why us girls feel very different from normal. So they call it the pre-menstrual syndrome. And yes we all get it, sadly. 
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                               (We are all bitches at PMSing, don't worry!) LOL

Recently I have been in a emotional roller coaster, I'm really angry but I also cry all the time lolz. It doesn't really matter who it is, or what they said or did, I just want to kill everyone, and also cry with no reason being at all. Why god, oh why!! haha. But that's only PMSing, when I do get my period is like, KILL ME PLEASE xD. We have all been through that. I really feel bad for the guys that have to deal with all the bulls!@$% we say and do, I mean they have nothing to do with it, is not fair for them to deal with that crap, But then again is not our fault either so no one wins at this point, just mother nature! Damn her, honestly! haha 


                                                      Amen, sister!!

So I'm obviously going to list a couple of embarrassing situations while having my period, I really don't take my self to seriously! xD My fist situation, was actually my first period ever! I was at school, in a classroom, and we were all siting in the floor, I had a little accident and left a present on the floor, everybody noticed and a teacher was like, hey Jana! you left blood on the floor, Did you cut yourself? And I was like O.O not yet! haha. The second and the most recently, unfortunately, was a couple of days ago, when my friend picked me up to go to Uni, I was sitting next to him, I think it was my second day of period, so when we arrived and got out of the car I noticed I accidentally left him a bloody present in his car seat! I was like X.X, I panicked soo hard, I couldn't think of something to do! so I told him what happened,  he laughed, he made it look like it was no big deal, but it was! I was soo embarrassed, and what's really worst he actually cleaned the accident! Wasn't I supposed to do that! awkward! After that I had the walk of shame, he put a blanked over the car sit! and I wanted to kill myslef xD lolz I guess my point is relax! we all get it is normal, and maybe once you stop having it you will remember that and maybe laugh about it :) 

                                                      Me every month! lolz

Well that's a wrap for this post, I hope you enjoyed it.
Have a good one
Till next Friday! ;)

sábado, 4 de octubre de 2014

Life Thoughts: Weight Issues


Hello Everyone! I hope you all are having a great time! :D I missed the Friday post! sorry!

In today's post I will be talking about something that I find very serious and delicate. It has become a global issue, and unfortunately I know a lot of you have been trough it. Weight Issues! It may be a first world problem, but it is very serious and at worst it could end up in death. I know everyone has there own opinion and experience with it, but I'm just gonna give you my point of view. I was Anorexic, for a long time actually. Its still is a delicate subject to talk about it, but I do wanna create awareness. When I was 11 years old, me and my sisters went to a house party with some friends at the time, We ate so much that night, it was crazy! I ate everything in that party, hamburger, pizza, cake, hot dogs, nuggets, brownies! Everything! I remember saying to myself, Alright you cant eat anymore ever again! and it was that day, that night I started a path that would led me to almost losing my mind and my own life. It wasn't the fact that I wanted to loose weight, I just couldn't bare the fact to gain any weight at all. At first I stated to cut every meal, since I got hungry so I became to do the crash diets!, there was a time I only ate once every two days. I ate, but obviously not enough, I'm was a child anorexic! I did once the liquid diet. This period of my life was the darkest and the most useless.       

People don't really understand eating disorders, the don't really consider it a mental disorder or an illness, but it is. People who have an eating disorder are sick and should be treated. Unfortunately people only get worst and many don't ever get help which lead to death or permanent consequences. Anorexia is not something that you get randomly, is the result of a personal, physical or psychological issue someone might be going through. It mostly comes accompanied with another mental disorder. In my experience i was treated for depression and anorexia. I was Anorexic for six years, it was only when I turned 17 years old that I decided to get help. It was probably the best decision I have ever made so far. Anorexia could be something trivial for most people but they don't realize that is a social issue not just personal. When someone calls you fat! is not exactly a compliment, or at least that's not there purpose. Society and the media makes you feel like you need to be a certain weight to fit they're standards of beauty. But you don't have to!, you can make up your own beauty standards. If you don't except yourself, who is? don't wait for someone to tell you your beautiful, believe it, own it. Because when you do, people will notice, and no one could ever destroy your confidence then. Perfection does not exits, I don't even know why the word even exists, don't search for something that would never appear, even better, own the meaning of perfection. Walk into life felling you own it! Nobody can ever take that away from you. You deserve nothing but happiness.

 hope you enjoyed it, have a great one!
xoxo Till next Friday ;)

viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2014

South Korea Inspiration: Fashion Style

Hello everyone!! Its nice to be back and write in my blog!! Also I've been having great support from friends that remind me to write every Friday! :) As you may know Fashion has always been one of my biggest passion! Ever since I was little I have love every part of that industry. But since I started getting into Korean Dramas and K-pop I started liking south Korea fashion and everything else! Korea is a major style inspiration for me at the moment and I wanted to show you why! :D

Its very girly! Bows are a must for Korean girls, for that extra cuteness and doll-ish look

Its very mix and match! The trend right now is to match patterns you didn't think with go together (but it does)
Its also very preppy!! Something that Korean girls love is the sailor style! It goes really well with a hint of a smart look!

저스트원 [2DA6048_토리 베이직 청남방]

저스트원 [2DA6052_밀키스 지퍼 니트]

(♥) | via Tumblr

Sometimes I do feel like my style is quite odd, and many people don't understand it, I just think is funny how the older I get the younger I wanna look. Its also very nerdy and geeky of me to say that Sailor Moon has one of the best outfits I have ever seen (not ashamed) :) Speaking of that I thought it might be useful to list my favorite Korean idols style inspiration:

Hyuna: I just think her style is quite cool with of a bit bad girl in it :) At first I didn't like her style, but now I'm really digging it :D

Park Sora: I just really like Stylenanda and I lovee her :)



And others! :)

 From my fav Korean Drama Love from another Star!

This could be the largest blog post I have ever made :)

I hope you enjoyed it and Have a good one!!

xoxo Till next time! :)

viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2014

Life Thoughts: Dealing with Haters

Hello There!! I have been sick for almost a month! with a stomach flu!. That stuff is no joke! is very painful, I have been super busy with Uni also. I'm sorry I didn't post last week!. I'm going to talk about something we all go trough (unfortunately) Haters! My dad thought me growing up, no one is a $100 bill that everyone loves. We all want to be liked by everyone at some point in our life, but that's impossible! there is always going to be that someone that hats you for no reason! and its okay! everyone has an opinion and its okay. When I was growing up, I had a few (haters), I tried really hard to fit in and people didn't understand me, I felt completely different from others!. Even in college I still deal with this issue, but now I just don't care! I learned that if you have someone that loves you it doesn't really matter if you have people that don't! I am blessed with wonderful friends that accept me and love the way I am, awkward and goofy! You will find someone like that one day, we all do. I find hate to be not the opposite of love! You cant hate someone if you didn't love them! otherwise you wouldn't care about them at all! Jealousy come in a lot of forms, haters are trying to get you down! so they don't feel so alone there. If you do have a friend that you feel is not treating you nicely, please confront them. Everyone deserves to be happy, no one can take that away from you! When I feel lonely and hated, I pray! God helps me find the right people I leave it up to him, and thanks to that I found friends that respect my believes and want nothing but to see me happy. If you are dealing with bulling (which we all do) contact help immediately don't just let it happen! Forget about the haters because somebody loves you. Focus on the positive things in life and forget about the rest!

Hope you have a great one!
Till next time xoxo! :) 

Review: Skin79 Super Blemish Balm Triple Functions BB cream (mouth full)

Hello there, Well it's Friday!!! I have been trying a couple of new Korean products to review them for you! Today I will be reviewing the famous Skin79 pink BB cream! :) First of all since I started to get in to make up, I always heard off BB creams, and this one was one of the many hyped BB creams at the time. And it isn't really expensive! Like all Korean products it works and its affordable. I feel like for me its hard to find the perfect BB, I'm not exactly fair skinned and my skin is very oily. I need something that would last all day since I really hate touch ups! And I finally found a BB that is matte and will transform into my skin color. I understand now why everyone was loving this product! Its lightweight and and has great coverage, it dries fast and would last all day. I like when BB have a scent but it does give me pimples, but this one doesn't!

Its affordable (like around $10!)
Matte Finish
Does not have a scent 
Medium Coverage
Color Transforms
Lasts all day
UVA Protection! 
It doesn't brake me out

Hard to get hold off (bought it online)
Big Packaging (doesn't fit in most makeup bags) 
The pump!! it give more product than wanted 

Overall its a great product! and if you were trying to get a hold of it but you weren't sure if you would like it, I hope this review was helpful. 

Hope you have a good one
Until Next Time xxx :)

sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014

OOTD: Fancy Alumna

Soo, who says comfy can´t be cute? I personally always dress up for school! I think clothes make me confident, and in Uni is something I need to feel! This is a blue theme outfit, I guess. I'm not the kind of girl who matches everything! or is color coordinated but I did it in this look. I love it!

No one can kill my swag when I feel cute! and don't let anyone bring you down for anything! at the end of the day appearances are not everything in life, be happy, kind and sweet!

Striped crop top: Browny (South Korea)
High-Waist Mini Skirt: Eight Seconds (Japan)
Statement Necklace: Charlotte Russ ($10)

Stay Happy, Confident and Sweet

Hope you enjoyed it!
Till next Friday ;)

viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014

Girl Crush: I-G-G-Y (put my name in bold)

Yes! Who that? Who that? its IGGY- IZZ! My woman crush of the moment is Iggy Azalea. The beautiful and cool Australian raper of the 2014. And I finally make a post on a FRIDAY!!

I feel like if she makes a song I know I'm gonna like it, even if I haven't heard it yet :) We should all want a bad bitch like this! (8) Black Widow, Work, Fancy, Change your life, Bounce, New Bitch, Problem, etc. Has been my new favs this month and I just can't get enough.

I don't know why when I think of a rapper, I don't think of a beautiful blonde Australian girl :D. And if you don't know who she is, shame!!!  I love all of her songs, her voice, she is super talented without following the stereotype of girl rappers. She makes rap cool again, and we all love that. Her songs are catchy, funny, and just great stuff. Work has to be my fav, and my second favorite is New Bitch. This Aussie has come a long way since her Pu$$y song! 
And that is why she is my girl crush post this week! :) 

And can we please not forget that her video Fancy its a re-make of my All time fav, The Clueless movie. She made it well!! SO this has been a couple reasons why all of us girls has been lesbians for Iggy lately :D 

Hope you enjoy it :D
Till next time!