lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

Girl Crush: Camila Cabello From Fifth Harmony

 I never thought you could have a girl crush on someone younger than you, but you can apparently. Camila Cabello is a member of the X factor Fifth Harmony, one of my friends love washing Xfactor US and had a crush on Fifth Harmony, when she showed me I fell for them too! They are soo talented and very pretty five girls I love the songs and everything. When they announced they were coming to Puerto Rico I just knew I had to see them live! I was on arena too I love them super talented. One of the members Camila Cabello has been my girl crush lately, she super funny, pretty and goofy. Someone you can just enjoy being with. But her looks had got me super inspire lately. I feel like she has a similar style to me, preppy, girly and doll-ish. So I just been loving everything she wears and been copying her lately. I also love her super long and brow hair, I named my extensions after her (saddest fan ever, right?)  She also got me addicted to bows as well. Check her out her vocals will blow you away :)

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